Warranty Information

Stanton Concepts, LLC proudly offers a full lifetime warranty for the TiGr® Lock.  We build the Locks to last, and we stand behind our products.  If you have a question or encounter a problem with the Lock, please email us at info@tigrlock.com and provide the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Details about the lock
  • Detailed question and/or description of the problem

Please feel free to contact us for assistance with the lock.  We’re here to help with any issues that might arise.  We can provide advice, repair, and/or replacement.

Warranty Details:  Our warranty applies during the Lock’s entire useful life.  We will repair or replace the TiGr® Lock if we determine 1) it is faulty due to the manufacturing and/or assembly process and 2) the Lock has been used in a reasonable manner for its ordinary purpose.   Warranty coverage is limited to the Lock’s replacement cost.  All repair and/or replacement is subject to our inspection and approval.