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TiGr® mini

TiGr Mini Lock
  • 0.9 Pounds
  • Secure frame and wheel to a rack
  • Bicycle Security Certified
  • RedDot design award winner

TiGr® bow-lockTiGr Bow Lock

  • 1.7 Pounds
  • Secure frame and two wheels to a rack
  • Bicycle Security Certified
  • The original titanium bicycle lock

Unshackle Your Ride

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TiGr® Lock Story

TiGr® Locks are secure, simple, lightweight, easy to use, easy on the eyes and hand crafted in the USA. TiGr® Locks set you free from cumbersome U-locks and heavy chains so you can enjoy your ride even more.

About TiGr Lock

What You Really Want to Know

How Secure Are They?

TiGr® Locks are very secure.  All TiGr® Locks have been certified to meet rigorous European bicycle security standards.  The TiGr® mini can secure the frame and a wheel to a bike rack.  Bow-Locks can capture more of the bike, or more bikes.  Standard and Long bows can capture both wheels without having to remove a wheel.

Will it Fit My bike?

Any TiGr® Lock can fit any bike.  The TiGr® mini fits in a pack while you ride, or snapped into the included mounting clip. The Bow-Locks can strap to the frame for near seamless integration with the bike; two straps included.   The Standard and Long bows can capture both wheels on most bikes. Please see the FAQ pages for more information.

Will it scratch my bike, or rattle while I ride?

The clear PVC coating protects your bike from scratches. Silicon o-rings on the Bow-Locks provide added scratch protection.  The o-rings also dampen vibrations while you ride to help reduce wear and eliminate rattle.

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