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TiGr® mini

TiGr Mini Lock
  • 0.9 Pounds
  • Secure frame and wheel to a rack
  • Triangular Shaped mini u-lock
  • RedDot product design award winner, 2016

TiGr® mini+

TiGr Bow Lock
  • 1.0 Pounds
  • Secure frame and wheel to a rack
  • Rectangular Shaped U-lock
  • Introduced in 2017

The Original TiGr®

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TiGr® Bow-Lock

  • 1.7 Pounds
  • Secure both wheels and frame to a rack
  • Bow-Shaped bicycle lock
  • Introduced via Kickstarter in 2011

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What You Really Want to Know

How Secure Are They?

TiGr® Locks are very secure.  TiGr® Locks have been certified to meet rigorous European bicycle security standards.  The TiGr® mini can secure the frame and a wheel to a bike rack.  Bow-Locks can capture more of the bike, or more bikes.  Standard and Long bows can capture both wheels without having to remove a wheel.

Will it Fit My bike?

Any TiGr® Lock can fit any bike.  The TiGr® mini fits in a pack while you ride, or snapped into the included mounting clip. The mini+ offers more locking area than the mini and also includes a mounting clip. The Bow-Locks can strap to the frame for near seamless integration with the bike; two straps included.   The bow-locks can capture both wheels on many bikes. Please see the FAQ pages for more information.

Will it scratch my bike, or rattle while I ride?

The clear PVC coating on allTiGr® Lock shackles protects your bike from scratches. Silicon o-rings on the Bow-Locks provide added scratch protection.  The o-rings also dampen vibrations while you ride to help reduce wear and eliminate rattle.

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